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Dr. Adam Connelly,
Head of Research

Adam is a research specialist with a background in Anthropology and the Social Sciences. He has a wide range of practical field work experience most notably in India and well versed in an array of research methodologies such as interviewing, surveys and participant observation. His passion for research has grown throughout his association with Brunel University, from 2005 to 2014, where he completed his degree, a Master's of Research and a PhD in Anthropology.

Adam's doctoral studies combined his passions for research and education, exploring the complex social worlds within private schooling in India. Adam spent 15 months living and working in Darjeeling, gaining first hand insights into every aspect of social life in the region, participating across as aspects of school life including teaching classes, coaching sports teams, counselling students and directing plays. His experiences culminated in his thesis 'The Home in the Mountains: Imagining a School and Schooling Imaginaries in Darjeeling' completed in June 2014.

"I was seeking opportunities beyond academia, searching for ways to make contributions to productive and meaningful research projects which could have real impact on people's lives. I was immediately attracted to Hunter Healthcare's expanding Executive Search practice, developing recruitment through an intimate attention to detail and striving for change in the healthcare market place. I was also struck by a focus on people and relationships and also the strong emphasis for personal and professional development.

"Above all, I was excited by the opportunity to play a role in Hunter's continued growth and contribute towards the realisation of the company's innovative strategic visions. Hunter is a unique company with an inimitable array of highly skilled people, who are each deeply passionate about what they do and it is a privilege to work alongside them."

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Email: aconnelly@hunter-healthcare.com

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