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James Hardy,
Associate Partner, Provider Organisations - North England

James has worked within the recruitment industry for seven years and has applied his trade within the NHS for the past four years, concentrating his efforts across the north of England. Having worked for one of the country's most recognisable recruitment brands, James established himself as one of the top performers across the country in 2012 and 2013.

James joined our team with the ambition to build on his previous successes within the healthcare sector and adopt a rigorous approach to recruiting and selecting the best talent in interim directors and managers. He strongly believes that successful interim recruitment campaigns are driven by relationships and an understanding of the healthcare sector - not simply following a given process.

Having grown up in Cumbria, James moved to Leeds in 2002 where he studied at Leeds Metropolitan University, graduating in business studies. He now lives in Leeds with his fiancée Renée and and their daughter Annabelle. In his spare time James enjoys football, golf and long-distance running.

"I've specialised in recruiting senior level interim contractors to the NHS for over four years and was ready for a new approach to the market. I am a big believer in building long-term relationships with those operating within the healthcare sector and will always use this as a basis to develop a strong network of contacts, which can benefit all of those within it. Hunter gives me the opportunity to develop and grow this network through a more considered and focused approach, which avoids cold calling and unsolicited emails.

"I also feel refreshed by Hunter's business model, which uses a strategic advisory board made up of key people within the NHS. By partnering with such people we are able to command credibility within our field and genuinely stand out from the competition.

"I cannot wait to help the business grow and contribute to what is already a well-respected brand across the NHS and other healthcare organisations."

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Email: jhardy@hunter-healthcare.com