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Francesca Okosi joined North East London Integrated Care Service (NEL ICS) in June 2022 as the Chief People & Culture Officer (CPCO). The CPCO is accountable for the ensuring the ICS delivers in its nationally-set, people functions and the change management process following the establishment of the ICS. Upon joining the organisation, it was clear the ICS required additional resources to plug the gaps within teams. Francesca tasked Hunter’s Head of HR, Workforce, and OD, Hugo Chapple, to concurrently deliver an internally focussed team to support the NEL ICS agenda and a programme team to support with their consultation and change management programme.


In order to help support the internal people services, we first focussed on finding individuals who thrive in establishing, refining, and delivering in fast paced environments. To do this we procured a team consisting of:

  • Interim Director of OD & Education
  • Interim Deputy Director of Workforce Planning
  • Interim Workforce Programme Manager

Alongside this Hunter were also asked to help support the change management and consultation programme.


Hunter began by identifying the ‘state-of-play’ by beginning a diagnostic phase delivered via specialist consultants. At the same time, to ensure the programme did not fall further behind, a project team was brought in to ensure the day-to-day delivery of the consultation and change process. These stages consisted of:

  • Diagnostic ‘State-of-Play’ Phase for Change Management/Consultation Programme delivered via two specialist consultants
  • Change Management and Consultation Programme Team mobilisation consisting of:
    • Change Management Lead
    • Change Management Associate
  • OD Programme Review delivered via two specialist consultants
  • Change Management Operational Support


The result of Hunter’s teams has stabilised the NEL ICSs people function and ensured the change management process is on track to be delivered successfully following a difficult start.  Hunter ensured the ICS’ search experience was valuable through their market-leading understanding of their associates. Understanding the nuances of the programmes and what is required allowed us to hire the right team of people at the right time to ensure delivery.

Hugo Chapple

Senior Relationship Manager - HR, Workforce & OD

Mobile: 0739 5273211


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