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After hosting a series of networking events focused towards C-Suite and Executives within the diagnostics and research tools market, Hunter Healthcare were introduced to several senior professionals who were seeking assistance to build a strong Board to drive the commercial expansion of their molecular diagnostic business.


After pitching Hunter’s offering of executive recruitment services in the life sciences space, we were brought on board to lead the search. We were asked to deliver a US-focused Board member to help drive the successful growth of the business.


Following our assessment of the market and comprehensive understanding of the role’s requirements, we engaged with approximately 100 executives in the US who we thought may be suitable for this position. Each candidate was interviewed for over an hour to understand their executive careers and how they would be able to contribute positively to the existing members of the Board. Following this, a shortlist was formed.


Hunter ultimately identified the successful candidate through a recommendation from an existing connection in our network. Having previous worked for a larger industry-leader, there were concerns that the candidate may be too abrasive for the Board of a smaller business however ultimately this approach was welcomed and he was appointed. Since then Hunter has gone on to support this candidate in a client capacity, helping him appoint for roles in organisations which he has since moved into leadership positions within.

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