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No man is an island – and neither is an organisation. We work across the health and care sector, beyond organisational boundaries, making connections to enable the sharing of existing experience and talent, and supporting the attraction of people with new insights and perspectives.

Health and Care organisations in the NHS, Local Authority and other sectors have long understood the need to work in partnership if they are to serve the best interests of their communities to improve health and reduce health inequalities. In 2022, the creation of Integrated Care Systems formalised these arrangements across England.

We were there to support the industry while these significant changes were taking place, backed by years of experience as a strategic partner to clients operating at system, regional and national levels.  Working in partnership across the embryonic systems, we supported more than 40% of the sector’s board-level appointments at this time.

We have a long history of supporting Clinical Care Groups and Commissioning Support Units across the country as well as service providers, such as ambulance services, operating across system boundaries and in Wales. We have also worked at national level, including with healthcare regulators.

In 2020 we played a pivotal role in mobilising a flexible workforce solution to support the strategic delivery of the COVID-19 Test & Trace programme, bringing together advisory and interim capability across, strategy, finance and project management. We understand the complex and evolving environment within which all our clients operate and help them ensure they have the leadership they need to be successful now and in the future.

I’m providing this testimonial as someone who has just successfully secured a new role where the search process was managed by Hunter Healthcare. My experience from potential applicant through to successful appointee was a revelation and the most positive recruitment process I’ve experienced in my career to date. Hunter Healthcare clearly understood the unique context and requirements of the role and the particular mix of skills and approach that a successful candidate should have. However, what differentiated the experience was the empathetic and supportive coaching which allowed me to understand my personal priorities and assess my fitness for the role and vice versa. I have no doubt this approach benefits clients and candidates alike and results in strong fits and successful appointments, which I hope to demonstrate in due course!   

John Llewellyn

Chief Digital Officer | Cheshire & Merseyside Integrated Care Board

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