Career Hunters, join us

Full disclosure: the vision we’re sprinting towards is something we may never achieve. This is ok.

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We do it by design, not pessimism.

We’re looking for people interested in a journey, not just ‘a job’.

By aspiring for the area beyond our reach and outside our comfort zone, we lay a runway for fulfilling careers, not gap-fill jobs. We’d rather be a business that gives people space to go as far as they want, than a home they outgrow in a couple of years.

One of our five values is Pursue Choice. At its core Hunter wants all its team members to pursue the choices most significant to them, regardless of size, ambition, or challenge. All are welcome and equal. Hunter provides an employee proposition and platform that can be the source of this choice, free of bureaucracy, stereotype, or judgement.

We’re very proud of the business culture we have built, it blends traditional family values with high ambition, open-mindedness, compassion, and fun-living. It has manifested over our 12-year journey and is something we will protect at all costs. A big part of it is our belief in adopting a growth mindset and this is a key starting point on how we consider prospects to hire. If you pride yourself on aiming to do right, learning from all scenarios, being authentically you and supporting the basic principles of democratic living, we would love to hear from you.


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