Hospitals, Specialist Care and Mental Health

Since we came into being, we’ve worked long and hard, locally and nationally, individually and at scale, to shorten the shortage of specialists. Through a time of unprecedented pressure for the NHS.

We’re proud to have partnered with the hospital, community care and mental health market since our inception. Working at national, regional and local levels on financial transformation and recovery, workforce optimisation, operational improvement, digital change, and both corporate and clinical leadership roles.

In recent years the NHS has become more and more pressurised. Due to our expert and expansive knowledge of the market, we have a key role to play in the creation and delivery of innovative and wide reaching recruitment campaigns to support business-critical hires and resourcing.

We’re uniquely positioned to partner with all UK providers of care and have a demonstrable track record of supporting the diversification of talent pools across different hospital settings, from corporate board to management and patient care. We see it as imperative that talent is viewed as interchangeable between specialist and non-specialist care, working in collaboration to facilitate the progression of career diversity and healthcare experience. We see a continued convergence of industries, as the private sector pivots to support the technological advancement of treatments, monitoring, population health, community integration and diagnostics.

At Hunter we position ourselves at the forefront of healthcare progression, providing a unique and value additive vantage point to the diversifying and agile NHS workforce requirement.

The Trust’s experience from start to finish on this search was quite simply the best I have experienced in terms of external recruitment engagement. Hunter’s style and approach ensured that we had the perfect blend of input and involvement at all stages of the process, with no duplication or hand-off gaps between the Trust and Hunter Healthcare at any point during the process. Indeed, nothing was too much trouble for the team at Hunter and they were able to orchestrate and manage client to candidate interactions and instructions at all times of the working day (and beyond) to support the Trust in ultimately achieving the best possible candidate selection outcome.


I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the team at Hunter Healthcare.

Mark Orchard

Chief Finance Officer | Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

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