Life Sciences

An approach that lives and breathes every part of life sciences. Because we believe everything is, or can be connected.

Life Sciences is a complex body of overlapping disciplines. It starts – but doesn’t finish – with the patient journey. Our work follows every step of treatment, from prognosis and diagnosis to therapeutics and devices. When it comes to your fundraising and growth, our approach is just as fully-rounded. We’re in your corner, acting as your people from pre-seed pitch to public IPO. Getting the right talent in at the right stages, we’re partners throughout the whole process, not simply a satellite service.

From digitalising and mobilising new patient pathways in MedTech, to strengthening workforces that enable breakthroughs in Biotech & Big Pharma, we have perspective of the whole ecosystem. Your challenges are our challenges. We pair our ‘under the skin’ understanding and ‘beyond the horizon’ vision to uncover sharp, data-driven answers in Research Tools & IVD and the Outsourced Service Industry. This breadth of offering expands our ability to add value on anything from slips in the supply chain, to the urgency of sustainability and the emergence of AI.

I had the privilege of collaborating with Hunter Healthcare for a chair recruitment at one of our portfolio companies in the Life Science Tools industry. The team at Hunter played a key role in helping us identify a candidate who has proven to be an exceptional addition to our team. I can confidently say Hunter Healthcare stands out as true experts in finding the perfect candidate-company match. They possess a deep understanding of their clients’ needs and go above and beyond to ensure the best possible fit. Their commitment to their clients is evident in their approach. The team’s resourcefulness and dedication shine through in their work, making the recruitment process both efficient and effective.

Maria Tell

Investment Director | Segulah Medical Acceleration


Don’t take our word for it. Take our numbers: our candidates have a 99% success rate, with 96% thriving in their role 12 months from appointment.

Interwoven intelligence, joining the dots between disciplines

  • 55% European hires
  • 45% US hires
  • 100% of all Board Searches successfully placed

Biotech & Big Pharma

A workforce strengthened to breakthrough

Biotechnology utilises living organisms and biological systems to treat and prevent patients from illnesses. Now more than ever, we see modern biotechnology companies creating breakthrough products and technologies to reduce and combat disease.

Big Pharma is a term used to refer to the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical companies provide medicines and devices that are administered to patients with the aim to improve patient safety and livelihood, leading development, production, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of these medicines and devices.

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Digitalising and mobilising new patient pathways

Our network of ambitious leaders in private healthcare are growing. We work tirelessly to find talented individuals for this sector.

MedTech ‘develop, manufacture and distribute technologies, devices, equipment, and digital health systems that transform healthcare. They can do this through disease detection, less-invasive procedures, and more effective treatments. Medical Technology has progressed from routine treatment/assessment of health problems (i.e. hip replacement/pacemaker/MRI scans) to digitalisation and interconnectivity of devices allowing healthcare systems to change the patient pathway, allowing patients to be treated in various settings (at home, remote etc.)

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Research Tools and IVD

Sharper answers enlightened by more data

A research tool is a product/platform/reagent that is used in a research setting such as an Academic/Biopharma/Pharma to help advance healthcare through the analysis of biospecimen, once this technology is taken through translational studies, it can move into becoming an IVD product. An IVD is the analysis of a clinical sample which can diagnose and more increasingly direct the course of treatment and/or predict the likelihood of recurrence or future health problems. Data is becoming increasingly important across Research and IVD.

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Outsourced Service Industry

At one with third party support

Our network of ambitious leaders in private healthcare are growing. We work tirelessly to find talented individuals for this sector.

This refers to CRO (contract research organisation) and CDMO (contract development manufacturing organisation) companies. They are third party/external providers that offer support across research & development, clinical development, clinical trial management and drug manufacturing/ distribution solutions. CROs and CDMOs provide support to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.

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