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QIAGEN GmbH, a leading provider of Sample to Insight solutions, approached Hunter Life Science for a critical search for a Senior Operations Site Lead Director for their Headquarter Site in Hilden, Germany. QIAGEN needed a leader who could bring extensive experience in the Diagnostic manufacturing industry to manage the plant’s day-to-day operations while also driving growth and innovation, whilst implementing innovative structural changes to the site.


Hunter Life Science was tasked with identifying a candidate with expertise in Diagnostic manufacturing and a proven track record of successful leadership within a matrix organization. The candidate needed to have experience in overseeing and managing a wide range of functions within the site, including manufacturing, engineering, EH&S, Facilities, supply chain, logistics, QC and Finance. The role required a collaborative and proactive approach to work with other leaders in the organisation to ensure that all business objectives were met.

After conducting stakeholder interviews with QIAGEN’s senior leadership team, Hunter Life Science crafted an initial job brief for review. Upon approval, the search process began.


Hunter Life Science identified 284 potential candidates with the necessary skills and experience for the role, after re-aligning the search multiple times in line with the requirements of the ever-changing site landscape. The search process was challenging due to budget and location restrictions, along with the specific blend of cultural and leadership requirements.

Hunter Life Science had to adapt to the parameters of the search, widening the search to other applicable industries, such as medical devices and chemicals, whereby the complexity of product manufactured mirrored that of QIAGEN’s expansive and complex portfolio. During this process, we found that some candidates had excellent credentials from a technical perspective, but did not have the product expertise necessary for such a pivotal role within QIAGEN.

In the end, Hunter Life Science identified 2 shortlists with a total of five candidates, all with extensive experience in biotech manufacturing and leadership.


The candidates on the shortlist had a diverse range of experiences, but one stood out above the rest. The candidate had a proven track record of leading teams in the Di industry, driving efficiency and productivity in manufacturing processes, and working collaboratively with other departments. The candidate’s cultural fit with QIAGEN was excellent, and they demonstrated a passion for the company’s mission.

Four candidates were selected for the final interview, and after several rounds, QIAGEN selected their preferred candidate. Within four months of launching the search, the candidate had accepted the role and joined the company.

The Site Lead Director has since been instrumental in driving the plant’s growth and ensuring the smooth running of the manufacturing operations. The candidate has brought a fresh perspective to the team, working collaboratively with other leaders in the organization to achieve business objectives. The Site Lead Director has also been an excellent cultural fit, embodying QIAGEN’s values and mission. The candidate’s expertise and leadership skills have been critical to QIAGEN’s success in providing Sample to Insight solutions to its customers.

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Associate Relationship Manager

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