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Through our network, Hunter was introduced to a Partner at a medical technology company who was seeking a search partner to support them to find a Chairperson. They felt that previous search partners they had engaged with lacked the market knowledge of the IVD and Research Tools market, and were now seeking an organisation who could demonstrate understanding of the field as well as a commitment to the search process. Hunter quickly prepared a bespoke search proposal to demonstrate our knowledge of the global market (with a particular focus on the US) as well as the trends and challenges involved in hiring in the current market. Following the presentation of this, we were awarded the search and quickly went to work to assess the market and locate the highest calibre candidates for the role.


Acting as a hybrid between senior staff within the organisation,
the new Chair would be required to bridge scientific innovation and sales; communication was absolutely key. We needed to identify someone who was technically competent and yet understood the sales channels for the business. Hunter
needed to be sensitive to the cultural dynamics on the board and tension between R&D
and innovation and commercialisation.


Combining our in-depth market knowledge, understanding of the requirements (and
challenges associated with the search), our global network, and research methodology
we got to work. Hunter started to build out the brief in conjunction with the Investors,
Executive team and Founders of the business. Taking our search to the US as well as Europe, we contacted over 99 candidates across
90 companies and delivered a shortlist of 8 candidates. Due to compensation
constraints, it became clear that US candidates were too expensive for the business, as a
result, we pivoted our search to Europe.


The successful candidate was approached by Hunter due to her attractive blended background of science and commercial, as well as her previous Board experience and senior leadership within another Diagnostics organisation. Following final selection events and references, she was successfully appointed.

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