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Veracyte is a leading oncology IVD company that acquired the clinical division of Nanostring, a move that enabled their expansion into the European market. With ambitious growth plans in mind, Veracyte recognized the need for talented individuals to fill crucial roles in areas such as Marketing, Medical Affairs, Market Access, Country Management, and Sales. To bolster their expansion efforts, Veracyte sought the support of Hunter.


Upon engaging Hunter, Veracyte shared its vision for expansion and the specific roles they were looking to fill. We diligently assessed the company’s requirements, culture, and long-term goals. With a clear understanding of Veracyte’s needs, Hunter embarked on a targeted and comprehensive search for candidates who possessed the necessary skills, experience, and cultural fit to contribute to Veracyte’s growth journey.


Hunter’s recruitment efforts in Europe proved to be highly successful. We assisted Veracyte in acquiring a talented and diverse pool of professionals across various functional areas. These placements ranged from marketing specialists to medical affairs experts, from market access strategists to country managers and skilled sales personnel. As a result of Hunter’s dedication, Veracyte swiftly and effectively expanded its commercial footprint in the European market, further establishing its presence and reputation. Impressed by the outcomes achieved in Europe, Veracyte decided to extend its collaboration with Hunter to their US operations. The expertise demonstrated by Hunter in European placements instilled confidence in Veracyte’s leadership to replicate this success on American soil. Hunter diligently carried out targeted searches and successfully identified exceptional candidates for Veracyte’s US-based commercial teams.


One of the key indicators of a successful recruitment partnership lies in the longevity and growth of the placed candidates within the company. In this regard, our collaboration with Veracyte excelled. Many of the candidates we have placed are not only still with the company but have also received promotions, showcasing the strength of Hunter’s talent acquisition strategy and Veracyte’s commitment to fostering career development and talent retention. The partnership between Hunter and Veracyte has proven to be a resounding success story. Over the course of three years, Hunter effectively placed over 25 skilled professionals across Veracyte’s commercial function, playing a crucial role in their expansion into Europe and the United States. By securing talented individuals who aligned with Veracyte’s culture and goals, Hunter significantly contributed to Veracyte’s growth and market presence. The enduring success of the placed candidates, who have been promoted within the organization, highlights the lasting impact of Hunter’s recruitment efforts. This collaboration serves as a testament to the power of strategic talent acquisition in fostering a company’s growth and success in the competitive life sciences industry.

Hannah Evans

Head of US – Research Tools and Diagnostics

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