Hunter Healthcare is proud to be listed on the NHS Employers Ethical Recruiters List for International Recruitment.

The list has been compiled to create a database of recruitment organisations, agencies and collaborations that operate in accordance with the revised Code of Practice. The guiding principles of the code are as follows:

  • If recruitment is managed properly, international migration of health and social care personnel can develop and strengthen the health and social care systems in both the country of origin and destination country.
  • Individuals, organisations and the wider health and care system are afforded opportunities to train, educate and enhance their clinical practice.
  • Recruitment from countries on the red list is prohibited, unless there is an explicit government-to-government agreement in place.
  • International recruitment of health and social care personnel is closely monitored by Cross Whitehall International Recruitment Steering Group and the World Health Organisation (WHO).
  • With regard to employment and conditions of work, international health and social care personnel will have the same rights and responsibilities as domestically trained staff. This includes access to further education and training, as well as continuous professional development.

To be named on the list organisations must display a commitment to fully adhering to and complying with the Employment Agencies Act 1973 and associated conduct regulations, as well as demonstrating an understanding of the Code of Practice and how it affects the recruitment activity we undertake.

Hunter Healthcare was accepted onto the Ethical Recruiters List in November 2023, and proudly adhere to the terms set out by NHS Employers for inclusion on the list.